Monday, September 7, 2009

Wow, had a great weekend. Got up yesterday, we all made it to Church. Kids are starting to behave a little better. Had a great lunch and then we said bye to Daddy as he went to work. Shortly after Daddy left the kids and I took a nap. We all woke up in a good moods. I started cleaning the house, move some house lamps around from the kitchen/bedroom to the living room. The kids got Popsicles and took them over to Aaron & Kennedy. Oh... the joy of all 4 kids when they get together. Shortly after they left, i got a call from mom saying they made it. Yes, they walked over to my parents house. They have route to take.... go by Mrs. Angie's school, pass Nanna's house, thru Cindy's house/garage/backyar and then they are at Mammy & Pappy's!!!

While they were gone I was able to really clean the house.

Now I am spending my Monday morning watching the "Spongebob Squarepants Movie." I'm sure its just the 50th time we have seen it. Now Patrick & Spongebob just did and came back to life.... cartoons these days.... what happened to the Looney Tunes? Smurfs? The good ol' fashion cartoons.

Kids are learning to play "Go Fish," & Cora is teaching me how to shuffle the cards! Pretty good at too, she is! lol. They are so competitive its not even funny. Its amazing how much they are growing. Cora was lying next to me and she is sooo long.... its bout time for her to sleep in her own bed! I am up for any ideas how to get them into their own beds!!!

off to a busy day to spend w/the kids!

Until next time.... Mamabotos!

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Jenschke Family said...

If you ever figure out how to get Cora out of your bed and you get sleep and keep your sanity, let me know! Guthri is 7 and comes to my chest and still sleeps with Lonnie and I in our queen bed!!!!!!! We redid her room today (for the millionth time) so maybe, just maybe she will stay in her bed. LOL, LOL, LOL

Good luck!