Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/2 way thru this week

Our day was awesome! The kids slept in. With Tuesday being VERY tiring day... both kids had school... both woke up in great moods... got dressed & had their chocolate milk. Everything is good in the household when those kids have their Chocolate Milk!!!

So we gave Hugs & Kisses and out the door I went. Had a great day at school but I was very tired... very hard for me to be enthusiatic about the day. But I did, how? Our Lady Cats start District this FRIDAY NIGHT... pack the gym folks!!! So I got to thinking about a acronym that could help us get through the rest of the season.... so I am decorating the locker room. Us coaches were talking before Tuesday games & counted that their are only 16 games till STATE!!! Yes, basketball is a very long season but when you are starting to count down its all worth it... oooh gives me chills. So I found pictures of the DRUM (Frank Erwin Center) where Girls Basketball State Tournament is at (UT). Put up pictures of the drum & inside of the drum to get the image in their minds to start thinking STATE Bound....

So I got half of the decorations up & plan on finishing today. Lets see.

So yesterday,Wed., get home & we have a pool table/air hockey in one table (you can flip over to play one of those two games.) Anyways, we moved into our play-room/dining room. BIG Mistake... cause I can't stop playing Air Hockey!!! I let Jantz beat me... you should have seen his face... he just kept saying, "I'm Good, Mommy... I'm Good." ; ) little toot... then Cora wants to challenge me, well... lets just say we didn't finish the game. lol. all the time we were playing... Botos cooked Deer Chili.... boy it was AWESOME!! Very good... guess what we are having today!!! U guessed it... yummy yummy! So the night ended w/Cora & I sleeping in her bedroom and the boys in our bedroom. But right before we went to bed... Cora gets on this story telling kick.... She talks about this girl name "Dangily (Dan-gul-ey) ??? She actually changes our voices as she is portraying two different people talking... talking on & on & on & on & On... I"m just looking at like... "What are you talking about?" Of course I get, "Danguley!" Finally we crawl into bed & she says," I love you mommy" kisses my nose and she was out!!! God I love that girl.

Until Next time... Mamabotos

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