Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Monday

Boy, I was glad to go back to school! I know some of you weren't but I was. If you remember or not, its your choice... but I was out for 2 weeks of the 3 weeks of school in December... on my death bed... or that is what it felt like.

Those kids make my day... cause there is always going to be one glad to see me or give me the best hugs ever!!! I was so excited to hear what they all got for Christmas. A very exciting day. Plus the kids learned a new game in P.E. I love playing new games, Gaylor always just looks at me like... Where did you come up w/this game? lol.

After work at Elementary I headed over to the High School... glad to see my girls!!! I love to teach them about the game of basketball!!! Man did you see some of the NCAA Women's basketball scores? Well here let me give you a few of them:

14 Oklahoma 75
4 Tennessee 95

Texas over Pine Bluff 114 - 53

Okls St 84
Texas Pan America 31

North Carolina 101
Winston- Salem 38

UConn 91
Seton Hall 24

Unbelievable Scores!! That is one thing I made on my bucket list (yes I made a bucket list while my stay in the hospital) was to attend more Women's basketball games, BIG games!! Women's final four (hint* will be held in San Anotonio this year... great birthday gift babe!!)

Made it home from a great practice & saw my two knuckle head kiddos! Boy have I missed them today... they have been around me 24-7 and this morning was tough, but they did good. While getting supper started, I find Cora a game on the computer... then she lost interest and went to helping me cook supper. Pictures... I forgot I had pictures at Wal-Mart... so the kids & I go pick them up.

Well I look up and Jantz is gone! not really, I knew exactly where is was... yep... in the toy section standing in front of the 'Thomas the Trains"; just staring up at them w/his arms crossed, thinking hard! So Cora & I sneak up on him and scare him; well he gets mad, real mad!!! lol... Cora & I are just laugh!!! We head to the front to leave... Cora has on her Cowboy boots & the Wal-Mart floor is slick... she figures out that she can run & slide... well Jantz starts running & doing baseball slides!!! I just keep walking, fast, faster!

Crazy Kids!!! Love'm...

So we make it home, Daddy Botos has the supper finished and on display sitting nice & pretty on the kitchen table... that was the best Cheese Quesadilla Hamburger Helper I've eaten in a long time. My mom & Aaron came over; so we fed Aaron... then we got to listening to Aaron tell Botos that a machine gun won't kill the squirrel, but maybe his B.B. gun... lol... then Aaron got to talking about how the one time he went w/Botos hunting and when Botos or Pappy shot the gun all Aaron heard was "rrriiiinnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg'nnnnnn" in his ear... lol Love listening to kids talk...ya know, we tend to tell them to be quiet cause we are trying to talk... but give them their time to talk, u might be amazed at what they have to say.

The night ended w/WWF on the bed!!! those kids get to giggling, laughing... so hard... it just makes you laugh.... then we settled down, gave them their Chocolate Milk, said our Good-night, gave a hug & kiss. Sweet dreams!!!

Great day, Great life!!!!

Until next time ... Mamabotos

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