Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids 1st report card

ok so I get my kids report cards from Ms. Angie's, read them late last night when I got in from our ball game... but ended my day with a huge smile!


NO N's (needs further time to develop)
All A's & A+'s

Knows Shapes, Colors (perfect)
Count to 13 (cause she was tired of counting, lol)
Her favorite activities: Active (imagine that) & Quiet & Group.

Always happy and eager to learn. Wonderful friend to her classmate and a great help to the teacher.

Way to go Cora! Very proud of her, can't believe she will start Kindergarten in AUGUST!!

Jantz's Report Card: (u ready for this?)

Very phsyically Developed; besides skipping (lol)

Social & Emotional Development (here we go!)
Willing to share- N (needs improvement)
Take part in group activites (if he's in the mood! (lol)=N
Practice self control=N
Meet new situations w/confidence=N (still a little shy...)

Name: "Jantzer" not Jantz (lol)
Perfect on Colors

Very Active & INDEPENDENT!

Lets just say "Early" morning is hard for some kids, Jantz is one of those kids, not a morning person! like his momma!!!

Received an email today how "why boys need parents", well here is just one picture that explains our boy right now...

Counted higher than sister! (ummm... Cora!)

When all is said & done, I am very thankful my kids can attend such wonderful "pre-school." I didn't have that has a kids and now a days, kids are getting smarter & learning so much so soon at a young age.

I am very proud of my two kids and thought I would share how different is to rais a girl & a boy. I love you kiddos!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos


The Vannoy Family said...

yahoo! Ur kiddos r awesome!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I'm right there with Jantz on the not being an early-morning person! If I had to work cooperatively first thing in the morning, I'd be grumpy, too!! LOL! Yes, Childress is very blessed to have such great preschools! That's very rare for a town this size!