Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a great day...

Woke up & had a BIG breakfast, didn't make it to Sunday School but we (family) made it to church. Man I love listening to Trey. He makes you feel guilty but at the same time he can make you feel GREAT! he brings things into perspective and lays it on the line. Jantz loves to try to sing w/every song that we sing. he is so funny, he gets his voice real high and soft... sweetest voice. But as for Cora, who likes to dance, well she was dancing around a pole... I know this sounds funny but if you have ever been up stairs, balcony, there are two poles that I assume are for support but Cora finds it fun to swing around and likes to act out a dance to church songs. Lord help us!!! So we may have to stay away from the balcony for awhile... lol. A HUGE thank you for Melissa Vannoy... she is so sweet and awesome... her boys & her always get a good laugh at my kids, she sent one of her boys down to get colors and a coloring page for the kids. I have got to get my act together as far as stuff for my kids to have something to do.

After Church we had lunch w/my parents... the good ol' Sunday Lunch... chicken strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn & Sweet Tea!! It was awesome. And it was for supper too... lol.

So after lunch, the kids went w/Pappy to make deliveries (ridin' the big Propane Truck)... gosh I have so many memories of riding in that thing. I went home, straight to the bed... covered up, put on Woman's basketball (Rice & Tulane) & right before I could doze off, here comes the kiddos. Which both have been feeling a little puny. So they crawled into bed w/me & their Chocolate Milk... of course we had to put on CARS. KA-CHOW!! lol Before I knew it we three were out... love naps w/the kids.

Woke up, had a text from Botos that he & his brother Justin shot 2 hogs. Justin's first trip out to the deer stand and the land. Good quality time w/each other... Brothers! Got the kitchen cleaned up to get it ready for Botos to cook his deer steaks... weren't bad... but I saw red and couldn't eat much of it. At the table Nanna shared w/us that Cora is learning our street address. She did pretty darn good... its amaizng how fast they learn & what they remember!!! Can't believe she will start kindergarten next in 7 1/2 months!!!! ugh...

The night ended great, read both kids a story out of the Cora's kid bible. Both of them repeated the Lord's prayer. Read it to them both while they were in their OWN beds... let see if they stay in it... well right now, we three are all in Cora's room, watching Beauty & the Beast... the beast may be coming out of me soon.... Lord be w/me! lol

Until next time... Mamabotos

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Marci said...

ok, now i'm going to have to go home and fix homemade chicken strips, mashed taters and corn....that sounds so yummy!! Love that you are giving your kids the same opportunities to have memories like you had!!