Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Cleaning with the Kiddos

So Yesterday I come home. I go to Nanna's house to pick up my kids and off to the Donut Shop we go!!! The kids were excited and I loved it... seeing their smiles on their faces was priceless. So we make it to the donut shop, NO DONUTS!! but all cookies... even better. So we get a cookie each and ROOT BEER!!! U betcha... that is the best Root Beer in town. We are sitting and talking about our days. I asked what they learned at pre-school today and of course I get this answer all the time but I had to ask... "ABC's & 123's!!!" lol... silly kids.

Now we are home and I decide to CLEAN this house... can't stand it anymore. Of course the kids want to help, I have to say they do a pretty good job. So we sweep & mop and then get out the dust rags!!! Speaking of the rags, I could SQUEEZE more out of those rags and fill the cleaning bottles back up half way!!! So I would spray and the kids would wipe down... until... they wanted to spray the bottle!!! What is so cool about spraying the bottle? Well let me tell ya... its a great conversation piece, that is what it is so cool about spraying the cleaning bottle!!

Jantz: Momma is this too much?
Me: No Jantz, that is perfect!!!
Jantz: Okay Momma.

Cora: Casey, I need the spray?!
Me: Ok, hold on.
Cora: Casey I need it NOW!
Me: Ok, here sweetie.
Cora: Thanks Casey!!
(Cora calls me Casey or Coach Botos, occasionally Mommy; its the only way she can get my attention!)

Now this conversation takes place in Jantz's room. I am in the hallway.

Jantz: Sissy I am cleaning my Monster Trucks!! Whoa... look at all that white stuff! (glass cleaner).
Cora: Cool Jantz, can I help?
Jantz: Sure, you clean Gravedigger (lol)?
Cora: Jantz, lets don't fight anymore, ok? See we can be nice and have fun.
Jantz: Okay, is Gravedigger cleaned? (Just like a man, is it not? lol)

Gosh--- I giggled so hard at them two!!!

So cleaning got down, off to the kitchen to wash dishes... yes I let me kids wash dishes and water gets everyWHERE!! It didn't phase me a bit until... yes until it became a water fight!! Yep, Jantz found the nozzle spray (what is it w/this boy & the fun of SPRAYING!) and began spraying me!!! of course this was another conversation that I DIDN'T hear between them two.... Cora busted out giggling so hard UNTIL jantz sprayed her... OH NO HE DIDN'T!!! lol.

Finally, I sat down and those two began riding on Jantz's mONSTER TRUCKS racing around the house... Cora: Momma, now we can race, there is nothing on the floor so now we can ride ride ride!!!.

Then I get a phone call from Botos. Conversation:

Botos: Hey, on my way home. How are the kids?
Me: Good, in the bath right now.
Botos: Have they asked about me?
Me: No... ha. Sorry babe, lol. But boy they can clean house?
Botos: Oh those turds!!! Whenever I have them, all they ask is "Where's Mommy?" Where's Mommy?"
Me: lol... sorry but I AM ready to see you!
Botos: Ok, I am pulling around the corner.

Conversation Over!!!

I leave you with this.

Cleaning a room with kids around is like shoveling in a blizzard

You keep cleaning as they keep messing, you really wish you were a wizard

One zap and all the toys will be stacked up in place

And to put the rest of the toys away, the kids will have a race

What a nice dream it would be if the world worked like that

But then we’d all be lazy and get really really fat!!!

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