Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cora turns 5!

My my my how time flies! My little girl turned 5 this past Saturday. I can't believe how much she has grown up. She has accomplished so much but her biggest just happened recently. Riding her bike w/no training wheels and starting off by herself w/no help!!!

We had her birthday party at the "Jump-n-Jive" in Amarillo. Its the coolest place...a huge building w/inflatables....kids literally bouncing off the walls. LOL.

We had our wonderful family show up with my cousins kids and aunt. Didn't seem like we got to visit much but you know w/family that is okay, because you can pick up where you left off at last time you were together as a family. I can't get over how much all the kiddos have grown! We had an awesome time and would like to share that with you with these pictures:

Jantz was a very sick boy that day; that is about all he did then he was under the table w/a pillow and blanket asleep. Poor baby!

Kids getting ready for the cake: Thanks Holly! It was very delicious and awesome; lots of compliments.

Birthday Girl! Always smiling... she woke up that morning, first words: "Mom,am I five?" My reply: Yes you are! She starts singing: I'm five, I'm five, I'm five, Oh yes I'm five!

Present time!!! Make-up; dress-up Jewelry; Games!

Cora checking out her DS lite...

Ms Kate getting her face painted...beautiful girl & her pink!!!

Cora Lee's turn!!!

Kate & Cora (such beautiful-funny girls!!) Thanks Kate for coming...

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