Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long time Photo's

This past weekend, we purchased a new camera. Due to our old one that we had for 5 yrs. Here is a brief story on our camera's. Bought a Sony once we moved to San Antonio...left in a shopping cart at Sam's. (Both our faults.) 2nd one...right before Cora was born, 2nd Sony...mother & I went to visit family; never saw the camera again. Either I left it at the family's house or two, I left it on top of the car and drove off. (My fault) 3rd camera: just recently died on us. I pick it up to take w/us yesterday to Cora's party....dead. Thinking to myself, can't be its been charging for a week!!! So I leave it. Get in the car, driving along, Botos said to me, "U know what you forgot?" I replied, "Yep the Camera...dead." He starts grinning. Ummm ok. He confesses that he dropped it the other day at the field. GREAT!! Cora's 5th birthday party & no camera. Thank goodness for nanna (Mother-n-law!) So in remembrance of our last are some pics it took:

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