Friday, April 9, 2010

T-Ball Practice

Cora had her first practice. She had a great time. She got to field the ball, throw it and bat. In her mind, Monday was practice and then on Tuesday her coach was going to take her to their game on the bus. I guess one positive thing is she has learned her days of the week or at least game days! LOL.

It was nice to sit and watch her play and have fun. During her practice, Jantz on other hand could not understand why he couldn't play yet! So he & Daddy decided to play catch, well that lasted one throw, yes Botos tossed the ball and Jantz missed. The ball went over the top of his glove and BAM busted lip!!! So playing catch w/Daddy didn't last long.

Practice ended and so Cora got in the car and here is our conversation:
Me: Did you have fun?
Cora: NO! Its not fair.
Me: What's not fair?
Cora: I don't want to play anymore.
Me: why not?
Cora: We don't have positions, where we are supposed to be, nor do we know where to field the ball! We don't have the dirt like Daddy's field. Our field is all grass and nasty looking!!
Me: You know who to talk to don't you?
Cora: no who?
Me: Your Daddy!!!

So we make it home that evening, and I looked at Cora and asked her if she had something to ask her Daddy? Of course she had forgotten. So after a few hints she "members-re". Same story as above. Big Daddy's response: When you get better? u get to play on better fields? Cora: Oh,,,ok. Needless to say she hasn't hit a t-ball practice since then plus she has CRIED at every practice!!! urrrggghhh...

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