Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I heard from Botos; he was sad, it had rained all day so no games that day, but he still had a great time tailgating. Me & the kids have been hanging out doing much of nothing other than swimming. All kids can swim, dive under water for sticks, rockets, or rings. I am proud of them all!!! We attended Addi's & Shaylynn's Birthday Party last night at the city pool; kids had an awesome time.

Speaking of Birthday's; Jantz will be celebrating his 4th birthday this July 3rd (turd). We are having a swimming party at the Elks. The Theme: Cars (Lightening McQueen & Mator). He is so ready to be 4. He has accomplished a lot being a 3 year old: riding his bike w/no training wheels, swimming, no floaties, no lifejacket, saying his ABC's, & I am sure much more just can't remember at the moment. One night last week, the kids & I all rode our bikes around delivering his birthday invitation. It was very late...between 9 & 10 so sorry folks but it was a nice night. Aaron was our leader since he had a flashlight tied to his handlebars....hahaha. The conversations you have riding a bike, these kids are crazy!!! All couldn't do anything but laugh & go along w/their questions & stories... great memories.

Well out to tackle today, lets see what we can destroy, make, or accomplish.

Until next time....Mamabotos

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