Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let me tell you my FRIDAY!

Lets see...Friday it was. We didn't go swimming, due to the fact that Botos was getting ready to leave to head out to Omaha Nebraska for College Baseball World Series!!! This is something he has wanted to do for a long time. Hopefully we can do this every year or every other year. He took the Camper and the new car! Which is awesome because I feel so much better with him driving the new car instead of his truck. Which the truck is about to go ka--plooooeeeee! But that truck means a lot to ME... that was my first vehicle to buy, right after college. Then I got married, he took the truck and gave me a Ford Focus (standard). Yeah, we moved to San Antonio, Hill Country, I am driving a stick shift in the Hill Country!

Let me tell you about this one time: Oh lord... ready? Ok. So I am driving and I come to a stop light. Slight hill, ok a big hill incline. I look in my rear view mirror and a cop car pulls up behind me. I'm already nervous enough & now a cop behind me, driving a stick shift in the city, hill inclined. So Botos is freaking out too which doesn't make things any better. Light turns Green...I start to take off and it DIES!! So I am trying to hurry up, re-start the car, Botos telling me to hurry, Cop car behind me!! So I finally restart the car..but this time, I gunned it, back wheels start to burn rumber!!! I start to swerve from peeling out, in front of the cop, the car that was beside me was of head of me, but not much longer cause I beat it across the intersection!!! OH...lord help me, I just knew now I was going to get pulled over. Thankfully, in the end I made it safe back to my house, didn't get pulled over, & Botos said he wasn't riding with me again!! LOL.

So back to Friday, Botos pulls out of the drive way at 5; Gave him a hug & said, "Do you have the tickets?" Botos: 'Nope!" So he runs in to get the tickets. Said Good-bye's again. So I load up the kids, bathed to make it to VBS. Phone rings, its Big V (Dad). Asking me to bring the red trailer to Estelline to haul junk off from my Aunts house in Estelline. I said sure, no problem. But there was a problem, how am I going to back the truck up to the trailer w/out Adult help? Aaron is here to save the day!!! Thank the lord he hangs out w/Pappy because he is Pappy Jr. made all over!! First thing Aaron says is, 'Casey you don't have a hitch!' Oh, crap! So I run home, no hitch or ball...of course not, Botos has it on the Armada pulling the camper. Now what do I do, my Uncle Kyle to save the day! He had an extra one for me to use...So I go back to hook up the trailor. Phone Rings-Botos this time. "Hey babe, did I by chance leave the camper keys at home?" I don't know, I am trying to hook up a trailor. "Can you go look for me, so that I can put my mind at ease?" Sure, I run back home to see....Yep he left'em on the counter. Called him back and told him. Next question,"Can you meet me between Goodlet & Childress?" Ok, so I load up all kiddos, we start driving. Remember, VBS. So we meet, give him the keys and we head back to C-town. We hook up the trailor, yes Men I did. We leave to go get gas and then off to VBS. Pull up to the gas pump, NO WALLET! Go back home, get wallet. Go back to the gas station, we are waiting for a car. I decide to go ahead and go in and get snacks & drink. Go in, got 3 corn dogs & 2 burritos and drinks. Come back to the truck, doors LOCKED!!! Oh crap...go back inside the gas station, asked to borrow a phone, called my mother-in-law, she brings up the spare key. We get in, pull the truck up to pump gas. While waiting for the spare key, we all enjoy our corn dogs & burritos in the bed of the truck!!! Cool.... lol. Start pumping the gas, I feel something spraying on me, so I stop the pump, it stops spraying, I pump, it sprays! There is a hole the pump hose!!! Great.... so I have gas on me now, 4 kids whining because we didn't make it to VBS, a dad who is waiting on me in Estelline, & a hubby that is now off to Nebraska!!! Wheeww.... we finally leave the gas station and make it safe & sound to Estelline. THE END!!!

Unitl next time.... Mamabotos


The Vannoy Family said...

Yes! You are WOMAN - an awesome one at that! Yeah!

Jenschke Family said...

Oh make me laugh! Had to read it aloud to Lonnie and he even laughed! I would have given up a long time before the gas pump and told everyone else to take care of themselves. You did great! Love ya, girl!

Deb ;) said...

You Da Man!! Love ya!!

MamaBotos said...

Thanks girl!! Love you all too... enjoy your summer, cause I am staying home

Maria said...

well at least you didn't lock any kids in the car... I did that to Shaw and Sager!!! Glad everything worked out!!!