Thursday, June 17, 2010


So on Wednesday, I decided to take all 4 kids swimming. Nothing new for me, but it might seem to others. First of all, I got up, slept in... but Cora slept till 10:30...Lazy Bones!

So we get up, pick up the house. Put on our swimsuits, oh wait the kids slept in theirs!! Its summer 11:30 rolls around, I order pizza and our friend Lauren is going to pick it up and bring it to the pool to join us! I go by to pick Aaron up from Summer School & then off to get Kennedy. I know at Debbie's the kids lie down from 12-2:30. I walk in and Debbie tells Kennedy that Casey is here...Kennedy pops up and yells "Yeah I am going swimming, My Casey is here!" lol.... crazy girl.

So we load up and head to the pool! We ate, play, & swim, dove for rings & rockets, pennies, dimes!!! I am pooped. A huge Thank You to Lauren, let me tell you why. 3:30 rolls around and Botos calls and ask I if I would like to ride w/him to Altus to watch his summer league team. So asked Lauren if she wouldn't mind watching the kids and take them to VBS. Waiting for an answer...she says Yes, that would be fine. I look at her again, like you serious? She says YES! So I tell the kids, they were excited...couldn't tell who was more excited me getting to go w/out kids or the kids getting to stay w/Lauren! LOL So I come home, take a shower and off to Altus we go. Nice quiet ride, we talked, talked, & talked some more. Make it to the game, I text Lauren to see how things went. Here is the reply: "Jantz busted HARD on his bike earlier and he fell asleep and doesn't want to go to VBS. You want me to take the other kids and just take him w/Me? So I said yes that would be fine.

Well, Little man ended up @ Pappy's house, fell asleep. When he woke up, he rode his bike back over to Lauren's and hung out w/her for a bit. Sweet boy! So we don't make it back to pick up the kiddos so Pappy did.

So I was hungry, heard Altus re-opened their TACO BELL!!! So I leave the game to go to Taco Bell. Something quick & good. OMG.....crowded, 20 cars in line thru the drive thru, I was # 9. I begin to look around and found a parking spot...yippeee! I get out and go inside, placed my order, thought that was quick, but then I stand and wait, wait.....wait.....wait.....wait....wait! Finally got my food (#6-Supreme/Baja Chalupas), out the door I went. I noticed something while I was waiting, they sell Frozen Margaritas!!! I pull out of the parking lot, get a text from Botos: "The game is over!" My thought, great! But we will not eat in the car!!! So I pull up & texted him and said, "I am out underneath the picnic table." So I sit down and begin to grub!!! Everyone is leaving the park, our lighting was the baseball field lights, no kids, nice breeze. It was a perfect evening to sit outside and enjoy each others company.

We make it home, pick up the kiddos, who were asleep over at Mammy & Pappy's. Cora was out, but Jantz was up & talking away...telling us all about his bicycle wreck. He got scratched up pretty good!! his right cheek (on his face), chest, elbow, & his knee!!! But he was ok, cause Lauren fixed him up w/the band-aids. thank you Lauren for helping w/the kids today. You are great w/kids and best of luck on your job interview! We love you!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos

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Will said...

So cool that Jants is already riding his bike!