Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shelling Peas

Well, I just got back from my grandparents in Estelline. Had a wonderful time...2 reasons we went: 1-visit my grandparents & 2- Botos can go target shooting w/his new gun. Sorry about the short blog about him but I didn't want to publish it so i thought by closing it out it wouldn't...but it did.

Did many things tonight at my grandparents, visit, listen to stories, watched kids catch caterpillars, & shelling peas. Now shelling peas is a great thing that many people don't do very often. My mom had brought out a grocery sack full of black eyed peas needing to be shelled. She started off doing it by her-self, next thing you know, I am shelling, my grandparents, little cousins are learning how to shell peas....ages ranging from the age of 2 to 83 sitting around outside shelling peas and talking. Which leads to my next topic is talking...the topics that we were talked about while shelling peas...I love to listen and around my family when we all get together you can't much in as it is. So I just sit and listen. Stories from grandparents are the best...its amazing the knowledge they can pass down. The topics talked about tonight were: cousin Carey and her pregnancy, getting rid of flies (what works & what doesn't); Obama becoming President (how long he will last); how to shell a pea; which peas to keep & which ones to throw away; lotion for dry skin; killing rattlesnakes (who had killed the biggest & the baddest); kids dropping their pants to crap; places they crap at (my son did this morning in the tub, him alone!); eyeglass frames; church; food; & of course mosquitoes.

One thing we all hear or sayings or for example: a hot summer means a cold-hard winter or went tarantulas are crossing the roads or animals hover in a corner on a field it means its going to rain. One I heard tonight was: for every foggy morning in September means a day of snow on the ground in December. Interesting one... I hate the cold, I hate being cold and right now I have on long pants, socks on, and wrapped up in a blanket typing this blog. **I can't wait to be in a nursing home...its always warm, they can feed me, & wipe my butt cause I probably won't be able too...: )!

Well my evening is winding down and I need to edit my post about my husband and we are sitting down watching the outdoors channel, which I will explain under my husbands post....

About my kiddos...Cora is learning how do cheers, BOBCATS is the BEST! (she says); Jantz is getting tall...learning to speak & talk a little more clearly. Tonight he was looking out the truck window looking for stars and he drank his first chocolate milkshakes...he drank all of his daddy's.

until tomorrow... Mama Botos

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