Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wacky Wednesday...

Hello...I know it has been over a week & half and a lot has happened. I will not go into detail but just briefly share with you what all has happened.

Needless to say this is my first day at work this week, not by choice. I was sick Monday w/a head cold & a major earache...I know some are saying an earache!! BUT believe me.. if you have ever had one, which I hadn't in a long time, they hurt!!! Not a pleasant stay at home w/two screaming kids...: ) they were good for me though.

Also on Monday, my mother-in=law went to visit her heart doctor in Amarillo. She signed up for a new study group to have a device put in her pulmonary (?) artery...its to help the flow oxygen to her heart. She had sugery yesterday (tues). She is still in recovery and my husband is up there with her and should come home today. A successful surgery!!

As we all know today is the first day of October, my husband would not let me decorate until today, but I did last night. So the kids and I put out a little graveyard, hung up some ghosts in the trees, and had some pumpkins out. The place to shop, I think, is the Dollar Store. Yep... they are cheap and you can get a whole months worth of decorations for a buck! Funny Story....yesterday Jantz & I went grocery shopping, we noticed a few Halloween decorations. So I picked up a cat, didn't bother him....UNTIL...I picked up the spider...he screamed bloody murder...course he couldn't go anywhere being buckled in the front seat of the cart...every head turned to see what I had done to that poor child....but he got a little better. ahahahahaha.

Last Friday, I had a wonderful brother Josh came through town and I was able to have lunch w/him & his wife Christina, and Luke!!! I was very happy to hold him and visit. He is getting so can tell he is at that age where he wants to play and run around and get into anything...He is so handsome.

I know a lot more has happened and it will all come back to me through out the day some you may have more than one updated email from me. If you wish not to received these emails just let me know I will take you off the list.

unitl sometime...Mamabotos


Amanda KP said...

welcome back to the blog world!! i have missed reading your posts!!! glad vicky's surgery went ok!!
miss you!!!!!!

Amanda KP said...

oh yeah....can't wait to see your decorations!!!!