Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Because...

I just received an email from my husband saying how much he loved me...just because! Made my day...we tend to do things for others just because but often forget those that are closest to us....husbands, wives, children, parents, n-laws. See, Botos is away right now in Waco at a Baseball coaching clinic. He will be gone for three days. Miss ya babe!

So the kids and I were alone yesterday. So after practice, I went home and got the kids dressed and we went to visit my mom at the beauty shop. There, Cora wanted her nails to be painted, but Kim was working on afterwards we went to wash the car. What a trip!!! I decided to wash it with the sprayer instead of going through the drive-thru. So I vacuumed first. The kids were sitting on the pavement watching some calves over in a lot run and play. They got the biggest kick out of it!!! I did too...those calves looked like they were playing after each other and then the other one would turn and run away... Well, then I drove the car over to get washed. The kids were running around the car and as soon as the sprayer came on Jantz happened to be behind the car and of course all of the water was blowing that direction since I started at the front of the car ( I am typing right in P.E. and a kid just jumped off the stage and farted!! OMG it stinks....) Jantz was screaming and hollering telling me to stop, Cora & I was laughing. So toward the end of washing the car they both wanted to hold the sprayer, knowing in the back of my head it would knock them down, w/my help I let them hold the sprayer...they giggled and said it was "heavy." What a teachable moment.

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