Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, I did something today that I thought I would never do (GET UP AND GO WORKOUT!) for two reasons: 1) don't want to let my husband know he is right (the day isn't over yet babe) 2) I HATE getting up early. I guess I don't hate it I dread it. Botos and I was talking about that yesterday in the kitchen, about getting up early. He is an early bird, me I am NOT a morning person! I don't speak for at least an hour, Botos talks in his sleep. But back to getting up early, I had to do it in High School for cross country running & in College! 5 years of getting up and running at 6 in the morning...everyday whether we were in season or not...but back then i was able to take a nap NOW I still put it on my "to do list" whether I get to or not but I see myself as a person that requires a LOT of sleep. The morning seems to be the only time to go and workout, no kids to haul around and its over with. I know I will feel better the rest of the day, I know all the good things but to me it all goes back to that extra 60 minutes of sleep, which I require a lot of. : ) Like this morning, I set my alarm for went off and so did Botos...I hit the snooze button for five for more minutes...before I could hit the snooze button, here comes Botos saying "u won't ever get up and go workout hitting the snooze button." See he talks in his sleep! Its amazing he can hear mine but not his...mmmm (love ya babe). I appreciate those kind words at 5:40 in the morning supporting me to go workout. So yes I laid in bed for another 5 minutes for 2 reasons: 1) just see if he would say anything else...; ) 2) I wake up laying down in bed...some might know what I am talking about....just let me lie there and wake up not bam get up and start way! Lets see how I do the rest of the year,,,, 360 more days...crap!

When I did get home, Cora was up drinking her chocolate milk watching TV...begging me to not go to work today. I didn't want to come either but since I had already worked out I was feeling good and had to seize the day! Well, she came in to the bathroom w/me to get ready, ok so she could put on make-up... yes she is 3 1/2 and already puts on make-up more than me... I love her though, so cute so EARLY!

Well, Folks I am out to seize the day, off to fill up the coke machine in the teacher lounge so I won't have the entire CES staff upset cause they can't get their caffeine fix on this fine Monday morning...which, me, I have had no caffeine this year! I did that when I was pregnant, had no caffeine for 3 years (cokes, dr.p).

I hope you cause have a great day and feel as energized as I do...I think I could type another page if I wanted to....until next time....Mamabotos.


belinda said...

I am so proud of you. Keep it up. I will go to the gym with you anytime.

Helen Keller said...

i like seeing you in the morning... hang in there it gets better!