Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th

Well, we left for the State track meet today. Girls run on Friday at 6 and Donte jumps at 3. So exciting to have kids at the State Meet, for themselves & representing Childress.  We made it in, had track practice, & headed to the mall. Great kids to take in public. They are fun as well. 

All week I have been doing Lady Cats basketball camp. I had the young girls, 3rd-5th. So much fun, I love watching the younger girls get better and surprise themselves when they say "I can't" and then they end up doing it! Little faith and determination goes a long way. I love working camps and I have been fortunate to work some BIG camps in my days. In college, we had to stay the month of June, work 4 weeks of camp in a row w/about 100 kids each week. So many girls I have met and now that they are older & coaching now its crazy. Cause you know they don't care if you played or how many points you had. They remember the camps, the one on one relationship and fun times at camp. Then I was fortunate to work Baylor Lady Bears Camp for 3 years, also when they won the National Championship!!! Awesome!!! 

Things happening at the Botos house is that we have been planting flower beds, planting grass, & basically finishing up things around the house that was damaged from last summer's storm. I just pray that we don't have another storm like that. 

While planting our new flower bed, the kids were able to dig for worms, which Jantz has named wiggilies... haha. So darn cute. I have enjoyed my first week of summer w/the kiddos and my husband. I am looking forward to going camping and working a firework stand this summer. The Botos' will be at Hwy 83/FM 164 (prison road). Grand Opening on the 24th of June!! So come on out and buy some fireworks!!! 

Until next time... Mamaabotos

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