Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5th

What a day! Had a wonderful breakfast here at the hotel. Then we headed to the track to watch the ladies run. What a nervous wreck Coach K was.. so funny. But the girls made it to state, what an honor to be running at the State Track Meet in Austin in front of thousands of people!!! I told the girls I was jealous. The ran a great race and ended up getting 6th. Finished 6th in the top of Texas is not bad at all!!!!  Vicki ran a great race in the 200m, what a close race. Very proud of the Lady Cats, job well done. 

Sitting up in the stands, watching all these great athletes warm-up & run, makes me wonder if one of my kids will ever have that opportunity to run at the State Meet? I think some parents take that for granted of their kids running at State, some parents live their dreams through their kids, which is sad. As for me, I don't care if my kids do not participate in Athletics.. haha. But I don't think I am going to have a choice.. lol. I mean they already compete to the front door, who can get out of the car first, take a bath the quickest, eat their food the fastest, race to bed, going to sleep first... every where I turn they are competing. 

I miss my kids. I talked to them today twice on the phone and u know, I can barely tell them apart on the phone! Until Cora says I want Make-up Momma for my surprise and Jantz wants me to come home now... Cora also let me know that I only took her to 1 track meet this year, oops,, good memory. She loves to go go go!  Jantz on the other hand wants a  Monster Jam truck...  I am so ready to get home and get great big  hugs from them... their little arms squeeze your head off. ohhh i love it!  

Good night Cora, Jantz & Botos. I miss you too! I know the kiddos are probably driving you insane but your a great dad & hubby. I know that my kids are in great hands. I love you sbdwb!

Until next time... Mamabotos

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhh.. you know that Jantz won't be at the state track meet.... track interferes with baseball :) haha