Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Sentence Happenings w/the Botos

Cora & Jantz started pre-school. It is new for Jantz, old for Cora.

Volleyball season started & ended.

Football season was great. Many struggles w/the kids but we managed.

Love teaching P.E.!!!

Enjoyed many Pep-rally's....

I have gotten in touch w/a lot of old friends thru Facebook!!! old teammates, luv u guys!

Enjoyed many gatherings; celebrating Birthday's.

Had a blast working the "house of horrors" scaring kids.

Cora & Jantz got wear their costumes all week; the week of Halloween; classroom parties; but did NOT get to go to any haunted houses!!!

Jantz can count to 10.

Cora loves playing school at home, teaching Jantz everything that she learned from school that day.

I know I am missing out soooo much but I have abandoned my blog and I will get back in touch.

Botos has shot his first Buck of the year!!

Cora helped daddy shoot spot the first doe! she loves to go hunting.

Cora knows how to dance to the "hoedown throw down" as well as sing it.

Until next time... Mamabotos

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The Vannoy Family said...

Yahoo! Glad you're back - we've missed you!