Thursday, November 19, 2009

Old Pets/New Pets

We recently lost our dog Tamber. So sad, very sad. She has been w/us ever since Botos & I started dating. She was 13 yrs old & it showed. But I do have a lot of great memories of Tamber. Let me share a few of those w/you now.

I remember the night we went & got her, of course Vernon found her for Botos. Little bitty thing!!!! Well, she went nameless for at least a week. Botos says that a pet will name themselves. So I thought, ummm ok, must be a northern thing, b/c our pets had a name from each kid as well as from my mom who despises animals. Back to Tamber. She got her name from one night she kept trying to climb the couch and would fall over, of course I would yell TIIIIIMMMMBBEERRR!!! as she would fall over. The great all mighty Botos said, TAMBER! to remember her from falling over trying to climb up onto everything. ahhh sweet I know. ; )

Botos would work during the day, so of course being the good girlfriend I was, I would go to his house check on Tamber. Well well well to no one's surprise, especially all you MOMS, the house was torn up!!! I mean trash can knocked over, pee & poop every where, toilet paper unrolled... So of course I would clean it all up before he got home. So in his mind he think she is a pretty good pooch, but whenever Tamber & I would make eye contact I would just give her that LOOK of I know you better pooch!

Also in Botos' house there was ONE wall heater, yea, Tamber & I would wrestle over who would get to sit in front of the heater when we could here it click on. We decided to share b/c you know I did pick up all of her mess....

At cook-outs in Botos' backyard Tamber would run run run. Especially if get out the Red Laser Pointer... uh uh. Of course in the house it was ok, she would get tired but this ONE time I thought I was going to sleep in the doghouse. So we are outside chilin, its getting a little dark so I pull out the LASER POINTER! So I turned it on and off she went, I made that dog run so hard & running so many laps that she couldn't run anymore!!! Botos ended up giving me the LOOK and he had to carry her inside the house and place the water bowl in front of her so she could get a drink and to catch her breathe. Funny & Sad at the same time.
Then in the summers I would go home and Lifeguard at the City pool. Well Botos was out trying to get a job and so I was in charge of her. I know what you are already thinking, keep thinking that. lol. I was up at the pool early in the morning from 10 till noon. Well Dad had brought Tamber up to the pool to let her run around. She decided to run along the wall that divides the big pool from the small pool. As she tried to turn around she SLIPPED & FELL IN!!! So I started laughing, she was scared to death. Got her back on the wall and she walked off. At that point Dad/Vern decided to take her on home. I get home and see Tamber lying on the floor, swelled up & all her white has turned pink. I was thinking Oh CRAP, no more Botos or no more ME!!! So we call our Vet, Fuston, of coursed he laughed at us, but we ended up giving her some Benadryl and she was fine after awhile.

The last two I am going to share w/you cause I could go on & on & on. Tamber gave birth to two liters. Out of the first liter is when I got my first boxer Jada (to some a mini-horse). I got her on mine & Botos' celebrating 6 years of dating. I was so happy!!! She was pal, my own dog, & awesome!!! But we lost her in the year of '05 due to cancer in the leg. It was the hardest thing being 6 hrs away and I know she was in good care w/Fuston. But she had a blood clot after amputating her leg go the heart. R.I.P.-Jada... ; )

The second liter was born on our wedding date!!! Yes after 7 years of dating we tied the knot. After our wedding, Vicki (Botos' mom) went home & to her surprise found puppies, all healthy. Which Vicki ended up keeping one out of the liter, today known as Chloe.

Which leads me to the title of this blog.... after having dogs Botos brings home a cat, we decided to name him Pokey. Well Pokey finds another kitty and brings it to our porch, which we kept namin him Baby Jack. Well, we haven't seen Pokey in awhile.... soooooo yesterday I get a text from Botos saying he got us a cat. Apparently the maintence men working on the Baseball field has said there has been a little kitty running around there. Well Joel found it yesterday in the engine of his truck. He asked Botos if he wanted a cat, he said sure where is it at? Joel said in under my hood. To Botos' surprise there sat an ALL white pretty kitty w/black on one ear & the tail is black. Of course the kids were shooo excited (slap me!) and its a girl kitty. Sooo of course this cat remains NAMELESS!!! hahaha if you have a name or we can stick w/Botos' theory of letting the pets name themselves that is fine too.
next post I will reveal a pic of the new pet as well as the NAME!!!

Until next time.... Mamabotos

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Marsha Meacham said...

I remember when Daisy died, wasn't that Josh's dog's name. He was in 6th grade, he was so sad. I think we both stood in the hall and cried.

You are a total nut, but I love you