Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow... had an awesome break.

Wednesday-the kids and I drove my Grandad to Tulia to meet my Uncle, so that he could have Thanksgiving in New Mexico & Also attend one of his great-grandkids 1st birthday. Came home, took a nap and Botos had taken the kids hunting and shot a Buck!

Thursday - got up, cleaned house and got all the Christmas stuff up (tree, lights, stockings, x-mas village). Some folks decorate their tree pretty & then some use homemade ornaments or ornaments that have been given as a gift. I did both! I decorated our big tree w/a theme or actually is was a decorating tree kit in a box. THEN I found that we (Botos & I) have our small first tree as a couple. So... I made the 4ft tree our homemade ornament tree. It has a flashing star and plus the kids can mess w/out me screaming out them. lol. I also noticed that we did buy some x-mas decor on sale somewhere last year. All snowmen, big, tall, short, fat, ones that light up and ones that just stand there. But one snowman managed to come out of the attic w/his shoe eaten off!!! Botos had the gaul to ask if we bought like that! ummm NO... but I can decorate really well. Can't even see the shoe!

That evening we headed over to my parents. Had a small gathering. Lots of little kids. Food was great. So after we ate. I decided to take all the kids riding around town and look at lights. Ohhh the radio was on 0
x-mas music and so I started singing ( I know I can't sing) but all my neices & nephews in the truck got real quiet and started repeating the songs as well as singing along. OHHH their soft little voices singing... so STINKIN' sweet!!!

Friday - got up EARLY to go hunting... yes at 5 AM but not Black Friday Shopping but to go hunting. Botos' got all excited, most excited have seen him in awhile. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!!! ok, back on track. So we get dressed, yes i wore 3 layers of clothes. So we headed out. Stopped & got coffee. On the road to get a buck! So we make it to the field. Park the truck and start walking. Its pitch black, I can hardly see. There goes Botos.... yes I walking behind him, but I walk so slow. So Botos stops and waits on me. I'm coming I yelled ... GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!!! So we are about 25 yards from the deer blind (not a fancy deer blind---- homemade) so ladies its not like you can snuggle up. In this one you can't move!!! So we start going down this hill, BOOM i fell... yes rolled my ankle, carrying the gun... YES YOU MEN THE SAFETY WAS ON... I AM i mean, BOTOS is no that STUPID! So we make it up in the deer blind... not too cold. He is whispering to me what might all take place, the route they usually travel, blah blah blah. I just want to see a deer and shoot the dang thing. Sun is coming up, I am getting sleepy. So I close my eyes each time Botos turns his head to look behind us or to his left.... so I wake up and to my surprise I see SOMETHING! A mix of a mule, deer, thing a minjagy (?) A mule spike deer, this things ears were longer than its antlers-spike. Can't shoot it. So I just watched it walk away. Walk Away, Mulie''''' Walk Away!!! (Chicago Song)

Saturday- I get up to clean up kids rooms. Put all laundry away. About 2, I head to Estelline to put up my Grandad's Christmas lights while he was gone, Botos & I did. Saves him from having to get on the roof. After that, Botos & I head back to the deer stand. We walk up, and there were 2 Does at the feeder, oops SPOOK'D'em. dang it! While we watching them take off they (doe's) spook some more hoes, I mean Doe's!!! So we are sitting there. Then we hear "HONK, HONK------ HONK!!! Feeding time for the cows on the next property, um which we could see the cows... so I am mad. Done, Had it. FINALLY---- about 30 minutes later those same two SMALL doe's come back to the feeder. Guess what? WALK AWAY... DOES' WALK AWAY!!! Climb out of the stand. Go home. AT this point I am thinking of a Dear John letter to send to FATBOY OUTDOORS HUNTING... I am sad. At this point I want to spot any animal and pull over and shoot it just to shoot something. lol.

Season isn't over yet BUCKY BUCKY BUCK!!!!

Until next time... Mamabotos

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The Vannoy Family said...

CASEY... heard you were laid up in the hospital - OMG! Hope you are well VERY soon and recover quickly...we love you! I'm free to babysit ANY TIME!